What unites us?

The vision of a better future - with electricity and gas: sustainable and climate-neutral. Because every contribution counts.

Our group companies introduce themselves

In 2008, the company started under the name ExtraServices before changing its name to ExtraHolding GmbH in 2013.

The roots of eg factory GmbH go back to 1996. In addition to software development and customer service, the full-service portfolio of eg factory GmbH includes energy purchasing, accounts payable management, accounting, customer billing and much more.

Based in Monheim am Rhein, ExtraEnergie GmbH was founded in 2008 as an independent energy supplier.

2020, ExtraGrün GmbH has set itself the goal of contributing to a sustainable and climate-neutral future at fair prices.

As an environmentally conscious, independent energy supplier, EVD Energieversorgung Deutschland GmbH has been actively involved in the energy transition since it was founded in 2012.