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eg factory GmbH

The roots of the full-service provider go back to 1996. Since 2008, the company has been operating under the name eg factory GmbH.

The eg factory offers the highest quality and many years of experience in the full-service area for energy suppliers in the energy market. With a lot of commitment, constantly updated industry knowledge, passion for innovation, it continuously develops new technologies for the energy market.

In addition to its own software development, eg factory's service portfolio includes customer service, accounts payable management, accounting, customer billing, receivables management, energy purchasing, energy balancing and market communication.

People make the difference
For eg factory, as for every company in the group, our greatest asset is our employees - regardless of whether they are interns, young professionals or high-level professionals. All of them contribute their know-how, their industry knowledge and, above all, their commitment. Creative solution finding, agile working and networked thinking structures between the individual departments are our strength.

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Ms. Ulrike Henkel
HR Generalist

E-Mail: personal@eg-factory.de
Phone: 0371/49512141